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  • Recruitment of metrologists

    Surveyor: 1


    1. Responsible for daily measurement management of products;

    2. Perform inspection duties and follow up the process of handling the problems occurred in the inspection

    3. Responsible for the maintenance and inspection of measuring instruments.

    Job requirements:

    1. Secondary technical education or above, under 45 years old;

    2. More than 2 years working experience, familiar with the use of conventional measuring instruments; Be able to maintain basic measuring instruments.

    3. Qualification certificate of Metrology appraiser is preferred.

    4. Have the ability of communication, coordination, analysis and solution.

  • Recruitment of mechanical and electrical maintenance workers

    Mechanical and electrical maintenance worker: 1


    1. Be responsible for the electrical maintenance, planned repair and maintenance of CNC machine tools;

    2. Be responsible for the installation of distribution lines, etc;

    3. Patrol in time and deal with problems in time;

    4. Responsible for the maintenance of all internal electrical equipment. Familiar with FANUC and Siemens system, more than 3 years mechanical and electrical maintenance experience, electrician certificate is preferred.

  • We are looking for CNC lathe workers and machining center operators

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    Contact person: Ms. Gao